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Dark Adaptation
The process by which the visual system increases its sensitivity to light under low illumination.......
Imaginary scenes or events that occur while a person is awake.......
In psychological research, the provision of com­plete and accurate information about a study to participants after they have taken part in it.
With holding information abouta study from par­ticipants.Deception is used in situations where the informa­tion that is with held is likely to alter participants' behavior.
Decision Making
The process of choosing among various courses of action or alternatives.
Deep Structure
Information that underlies the form of a sentence and is crucial to its meaning.......
Defense Mechanisms
Techniques used by the ego to keep threatening and unacceptable material out of consciousness and so to reduce anxiety.

Delayed Conditioning
A form of forward conditioning in which the presentation of the conditioned stimulus precedes.but overlaps with, the presentation of the unconditioned stimulus.
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