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A sleep disorder in which individuals are over­come by uncontrollable periods of sleep during waking hours.......
Naturalistic Observation
A research method in which var­ious aspects of behavior are carefully observed in the set­tings where such behavior naturally occurs.
A condition in which the visual image of a distant object is focused slightly in front of the retina rather than directly on it .Therefore distant objects appear fuzzy or blurred, whereas near objects......
Negative Afterimage
A sensation of complementary color that we experience after staring at a stimulus of a given hue.
Negative Reinforcers
Stimuli that strengthen responses that permit an organism to avoid or escape from their presence.
Neodissociation Theory
A theory of hypnosis suggesting that hypnotized individuals enter an altered state of con­sciousness in which consciousness is divided.

Personality theorists who accepted basic por­tions of Freud's theory but rejected or modified other portions.

Nervous System
The complex structure that regulates bod­ily processes and is responsible, ultimately, for all aspects of conscious experience.
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