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Panic Attack Disorder
Anxiety disorder characterized by relatively brief periods during which individuals experience unbearably intense anxiety.
Parallel Distributed Processing Model
A model suggest­ing that our memory systems process information in several different ways simultaneously......
Paranoid Personality Disorder
A personality disorder in which individuals feel that others are out to get them and cannot be trusted.
Sexual disorders involving choices of inappropriate sexual objects, such as young children, or the inability to expe­rience arousal except in the presence of specific objects or fantasies.
Individuals who study psi and other para­normal events .
Parasympathetic Nervous System
The portion of the autonomic nervous system that readies the body for restoration of energy.

Parental Investment Model
The view that males and females adopt contrasting strategies of mate selection because they invest different amounts of resources in their offspring.
Parietal Lobe
A portion of the cerebral cortex, lying behind the central fissure, that plays a major role in the skin senses: touch, temperature, pressure.
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